When it comes to losing weight, the entire process can be quite stressful. We all know that diet is key for weight loss, so in this article we will be discussing some of the top foods that you should avoid while on a diet.

The first type of food that you should stay away from are snacks that are only made up of carbohydrates. It is essential that you read the nutrition labels of items before you purchase and steer clear of snacks like crackers, cookies, bread or dry cereals. The main reason for this is because these are full of simple sugars that are immediately broken down in the bloodstream. This causes your body to release a flood of insulin, but then after awhile, you will experience low blood sugar and the hunger pangs will return with a vengeance. This will cause you to eat much more which will result in weight gain.

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Secondly, you should avoid frozen meals, even if they appear to be low calorie. One of the most tiring things to do after a long day at work is to come home and have to prepare dinner. It is extremely easy to just pick up a set of frozen meals, microwave them and eat. However, if you want to lose weight, you need to avoid doing this. Most of these meals are full of sodium which actually makes you retain water, become bloated and put on weight.

Next, we will look at high-fiber snack bars. You might be tricked into thinking that these high fiber snacks are healthy since they are full of fiber but you’d be quite wrong. They are usually full of sugar and it isn’t healthy to basically eat your entire daily intake of fiber in one bar. This can cause an upset stomach and lead to digestive problems. So, it is a much better alternative to eat your fiber throughout the day in the form of fruits and vegetables.

Another type of food that you should stay away from are foods that say they are “Fat-free.” This is simply a clever form of marketing and people have been proven to eat more of a certain food if it says it is fat-free. So, in the end, you will most likely eat too much, which will lead in an excess of calories consumed which will cause weight gain.

Lastly, you should avoid fruit juices as well as artificially sweetened drinks. The main reason behind this is because most juices contain an alarming amount of sugar which can definitely make you gain weight. Many people don’t think about how many calories they are consuming in their drinks, but it’s much more than you think. Also, artificially sweetened drinks usually have compounds that enhance your cravings which can really derail your weight loss goals.

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So, there you have it, the top foods that you should definitely avoid if you’re trying to lose weight. With that said, all you have to do is eat lean meats, vegetables, fruits and cut out the rest if you want to lose weight quickly and safely.


Make Time For Fitness

One of the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle is to become active. I’ve heard people joke around before about being active and say things like I went for a walk and when I tell them that’s great. Then they say they walked from the couch to the fridge and back to the couch or someone will say that they walked to their car. While moving at all is good, that’s not exactly what I would consider being active. Here are just a few ways you can make healthy choices to be more active.

1. Take the stairs.

So, when you go out and have the option to take an elevator up a few stories or to use the stairwell. Go ahead and choose the stairs. Sure you might be out of breath when you get to your floor but you will regain your composure pretty quickly and after doing this for a while you will find that it’s not as tiring as it once was.

2. Park further from the door.

It is truly insane how long some people will sit in a parking lot when they see someone walk to their car that is parked at the front of the parking lot. People will sit there in the car and wait for someone to put things in their car and then get in and eventually pull out. I have actually parked in the back of a parking lot and walked to the front before someone has moved their car. It is truly insane! Instead park further back and burn a few extra calories instead of sitting in a parking lot waiting for someone to leave.

3. Exercise on Commercial Breaks.

Now I know this might seem a little insane and people around you might think you have gone off your rocker, but this is one of the best uses of a commercial break I have ever seen. In all honesty I wish I had thought of it myself because it takes a short period of time (Maybe 5 Minutes or so these days) and sometimes you just might inspire someone to join you. You can do jumping jacks or sit-ups or even try doing some push-ups. You might find it hard at first but as you sit down to watch your favorite TV show you will find that exercising during commercial breaks gets a whole lot easier the more you do it.

Whatever you do be sure to try and be active whenever you can and when you have extra time go ahead and get in touch with friends and start a regular outing. Try something fun that you can really get into like a sport. You could ask a group of friends to go play volleyball at the lake or you could join a softball league or even play an occasional game of tennis. Now I am really not that good at Tennis but man is it fun oh and if you prefer to sweat indoors you can try your hand at racquetball. Racquetball is a great way to have fun while getting fit. Either way, however, you choose to become more active in life just be sure to enjoy it and really try to take some time to slow down and enjoy life.

Using Grade “A” Fuel

Whenever I talk to someone about losing weight or gaining muscle people always seem to jump to exercise. Everyone including myself at one point believes that any physical goal like weight loss or strength gains in the case of body building begins in the gym.

Then there are people who are the exact opposite that believe that working out is a waste of time and that you must change your body from the inside out. Based on my experience I find that it isn’t just eating right or putting yourself through a regular full body workout routine but that it is both.

Without the right kind of fuel, your body doesn’t have the necessary ingredients to build muscle and burn fat. In order to maintain your fitness, you must have an adequate amount of sugars, fats, proteins and carbohydrates.


kaboompics.com_Falling powder sugar on donutsSugars are broken down by the body into 2 parts; one is glucose and the other is called fructose. Now glucose is actually very good for your body and is what your body uses on a cellular level to give your body the energy it needs to keep you going throughout the day. Fructose, on the other hand, is the part of sugars that is sent to the liver and then converted to glucose. Unfortunately, when we consume to much sugar like what is found in a soda bottle we end up sending so much fructose to the liver that it does not have time to convert the fructose to glucose and therefore it turns into triglycerides and it is stored as fat.


For so long we have heard health professionals claim that you are what you eat and that if you are eating lots of fatty foods then it’s no wonder you are gaining weight. Nowadays there are more and more medical professionals coming out with studies that prove the many benefits that the body receives from eating fats. Fats aid in brain development and while saturated fats have previously been considered a cause for heart attack it is now being stated that saturated fats in moderation can be good for you and that it is the increase in sugars that are causing obesity and an increase in heart attacks.


Proteins are best known for muscle development, but the truth is that they are so much more important than most people realize. When a person begins to starve the body doesn’t go to the fat stores for energy but rather It goes to the muscle tissue and begins to break down the muscle as the proteins provide much more energy than fat cells do and that is why you will never see a starving body builder.


There is a ton of diets out there that are telling people to stop eating carbs and while limiting your intake of carbohydrates can be a good thing. I have talked with a lot of people that get hungry more often because they can’t have the carbs they want. People that stop eating carbs all together often turn to sugar which is probably the worst thing you can give your body. Instead of getting rid of carbs all together why not try substituting your French fries with sweet potato fries and instead of eating white rice you might try brown rice. In general you want to try and stay away from white processed carbs as much as possible. The wheat bread and other more healthy options often taste just as good and are a lot better for you.

These are just a few ways you can eat better and have more energy and still eat really great foods without trying to starve yourself in order to lose weight. You will learn that making healthier choices about what you eat will not only help you lose weight but it also helps to keep you skin healthy and many people have even said that they feel that their hair becomes stronger or just more healthy in general just by making healthy choices each day.

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